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Welcome To Political Akhada

Political Akhada aka Politics Akhada(Twitter- @politics_akhada) aka Political Akhadaa are same. This web portal was started by few nationalist persons with thoughts to embark this platform to impart or spread the accurate and relevant news, issues, thoughts or any specific information about politics and politicians to the citizens of India. This portal believes to make each and every people nationalist and always perform their duty towards our country growth.

Recent Articles

GOA: Congress two MLAs resign from Assembly, Move towards to BJP

In a major setback to the Congress party in Goa, two of its MLAs resigned from the party as well as the state assembly and joined the ruling BJP on Tuesday. The two MLAs- Subhash Shirodkar and Dayanand Sopte- met ...
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The BJP  has earned trust in Jammu and Kashmir sufficient to win an election 2019

The BJP swept the Jammu Municipal Corporation elections and made some advances in Kashmir, by winning 100 wards in the valley, in the four-phased Urban Local Bodies elections. Amit Shah raised his vice towards earning the trust BJP president Amit ...
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UP Political Battle taking the ancient tour over Allahabad!

The long-standing demand of seers could be fulfilled soon as Allahabad is set to be renamed ‘Prayagraj’ before the Ardh Kumbh Mela in January next year. Addressing the media at Circuit House in Allahabad on Saturday, the Adityanath said, "In ...
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Political Clasp over Gujarat’s Forced Exodus!

There is still out of control political cacophony of accusations and counter-accusations that followed the recently forced exodus from Gujarat of Hindi speaking migrants, especially from Bihar and UP. Migrants, especially those hailing from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, were targeted ...
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